APLA´s Mission

Facilitate the sustainable business development of the Latin American Petrochemical and Chemical industry.

Why joining APLA?

To be an APLA member means to enjoy the best industry contacts in the Latin American Petrochemical and Chemical Industry.


Benefits of our membership

  • Access to business contacts and information all over Latin America and the rest of the world, through the net of APLA and partner associations.
  • Possibility of becoming a member of specific committees and participate in special projects led by APLA.
  • Access to information about companies, market statistics and recent news, trough the APLA publications.
  • Special benefits in activities organized by APLA: important discounts on registration fees and priority to rent exclusive spaces –business rooms, hospitality suites, booths, and business tables – in the Annual Meetings:
    • Latin American Logistic Meeting
    • Latin American Petrochemical Annual Meeting

Access to:

  • Latin American Petrochemical Yearbook: it provides production statistics of the last five years of a universe of approximately 80 Petrochemical and Chemical products manufactured in the region.


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